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While there are many types of mental health services, as well as mental health alternatives to treatment, counseling and therapy are the most common. In this day and age, Online Counseling and/or Online Therapy can be easy to access alternatives. Some people seek the services of a Counselor or Therapist because they simply have an important decision to make and need an objective and unbiased confidant. Some individuals want answers to questions such as; what is a phobia, is there help for agoraphobia, what are the symptoms of a panic attack, are there ways of managing a panic attack, what are the symptoms of an anxiety disorder, or what are the symptoms of depression? Other people suffer from more serious problems like high anxiety, phobias, depression, abuse, trauma and addictions. At times, these problems may result in severe mental confusion, mood changes, panic attacks, agoraphobia or phobias in general, social anxiety disorder, loss of contact with reality, insomnia and loss of appetite, sexual dysfunction, isolation, irritability, rage, violence and self-injurious behaviors.

Some people may experience problems as they go through normal life transitions like marriage, job and career changes or loss, retirement, parenthood, serious illness and/or bereavement. Whatever the problem may be, our Counselors are trained to provide helpful, clinically based, counseling services. 

The Village Counselor Online exists to provide a place for those seeking direction and answers to life's questions, with practical, realistic solutions and encouragement that can be attained in the privacy of your home. For some people seeing a trained Professional Counselor may be embarrassing, like an admission of failure or personal deficit. However, Counseling Services are used by many different types of people for a variety of reasons. Such as, to aid their personal development and as part of their well balanced plan of health care. Many people may seek help with their career path, couples seek help with their relationship skills, parents seek help with their parenting and individuals may seek counseling to help change their situations. 

If you prefer face-to-face counseling, and live in the Western New York area, please feel free to e-mail us to schedule an appointment. Our offices are located at:

The Village Counselor

526 Linwood Ave

Buffalo , NY 14209

Please feel free to look around our site. We thank you for your time and hope that you will feel comfortable in letting us assist you.

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